The potential for new meaning and re-contextualization out of contradiction is the focus of my art. As a student of art history, I have always been most interested in how the same meaning can be transformed to serve dual purposes. Hence, when I began my studio practice, I was eager to explore the idea of duality, specifically by bringing together my two academic fields, mathematics and art. The problem that this presented, however, was the inescapable contradiction of trying visually to represent something which is purely conceptual. My art has developed over time to embrace this contradiction and draw on this duality to create tension in my work.

My most recent work has begun to question the relative importance of subject matter and relies most heavily on the incongruities present at the base level of my medium. I explore the use of texture with latex paint, in defiance of its inherent desire to lay flat. Beyond that, I obtain my palette from mis-tinted, rejected paints which are brought to new light within my art. The compositions of these new works are not arbitrary, but they contain some element of spontaneity or re-purposing; they might derive from the shapes of cut paper lying around the studio or the acknowledgment of a specific artwork from history. These works are meant to engage the viewer by providing some element of recognition, although one that is unique to the individual.

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