Sorry, but Hello

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Sorry, but Hello cautiously reexamines a formative body of work under the lens of place, in tandem with an exploration of newness and what it means to belong. This work, along with selected writing, represents the impossibility of disconnecting emotional affect from even the coolest, most minimal, most concrete form of art creation. In reconceptualizing the presentation of these objects, I hope to explore my own misapprehensions regarding the ability of the domestic realm to remain absent from artistic expression.

Although these works are often presented in conglomerate, I created each piece with individual intention, individual character, and I believe that they stand just as easily alone as they do together. As a result, each installation of the work is performative in nature. There is no set order or arrangement for the pieces to take. Hence, some or all of the creative activity occurs within the process of installation. By executing the work in this way, I hope that it will gain the dynamism of a relational aesthetic in an object-oriented setting.