Architectural Drawings


Graphite on cardstock, approximately 8 x 9 inches, winter 2014.

This master study of a drawing from a John Boardman text is meant to draw attention to the fascinating architectural achievement of the double roof of the Athenian Acropolis’ Propylaea, as well as the genius of it’s creator, Mnesicles. My drawing was created for, and as a tribute to, Mnesicles’ modern-day equivalent, Tasos Tanoulas.

In progress photo:



720 Degrees of Freedom


Much in the same way that statistical models often compete with one another for relevancy and efficiency, these two works on paper strive for emotional poignancy in displaying the exact same data set in different fashions. Each composition is derived from 720 data points, ranging from 0-10, which describe my overall emotion state (as subjectively assigned by me), once per minute, for 12 hours.

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