The Fire in His Eye


Acrylic paint on canvas, 4 x 6.5 feet, 2014.

This work draws on West African Adinkra cloth stamp symbolism.  The large outer symbol translates to “Handcuffs,” thus enclosing all other symbols within its boundaries. The circular symbol in the center means “Adrinkra King” or “Adinkra God,” and the series of small concentric squares on either side translates to “Seriousness does not show fiery eyes, else you would see my face all red.” All of these forms, except the outermost shape (“Handcuffs”) are created by physically stamping the paint onto the canvas with the use of various re-purposed media, such as wood, rubber, and paint can lids. The rough and variable texture of these stamped surfaces brings contrast to the comparatively flat, emotionless boundary lines enclosing them.

For more information on Adinkra symbolism and the Asante people of West Africa, please visit this page.

In progress image gallery:

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